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Dr. Sakaguchi

Dr. Sakaguchi Profile Pic
Dr. Sakaguchi is a Professor of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology at Iowa State University (ISU). His research area is focused on development of experimental strategies for brain rescue and repair.

He was a postdoctoral fellow and research biologist at the University of California - San Diego. Prior to that he completed his Ph.D. at the State University of New York in Albany, majoring in neurobiology. Dr. Sakaguchi joined the faculty at ISU as an Assistant Professor.

He has served as Chair of the Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Neuroscience. In addition to teaching biology and neuroscience courses at ISU, Dr. Sakaguchi has also been an invited lecturer for advanced neuroscience courses at the University of Coimbra in Portugal and Ege University in Izmir, Turkey. He is also an adjunct faculty member of Biomedical Sciences at the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine.

Institute/Center/Initiative Affiliations:
Nanovaccine Institute
Iowa Center for Advanced Neurotoxicology (ICAN)
ISU Brain Initiative

Graduate Program Affiliations:
NEURO (Neuroscience Program)
MCDB (Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology)
BCB (Bioinformatics and Computational Biology)

Undergraduate Program Affiliations:
BIOL (Biology undergraduate major)
GEN (Genetics undergraduate major)
BPMI (Biological Pre-medical Illustration Program)
FRI (Freshman Research Initiative)
Frontiers of the Discipline